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Seminario MAVIR

Rodrigo Agerri: Linguistic-based Sentiment Analysis: Problems, Resources and Evaluation

martes 17 de marzo 2009 a las 12h00


Lugar de celebración

Sala 2.24 (segunda planta)
Fac. Psicología, UNED
c/ Juan del Rosal, 10
28040 Madrid 

Cómo llegar y planos



Firstly, a basic pattern-matching approach to sentiment detection and analysis is described, showing how even at this level a number of non-trivial problems arise. Secondly, the pattern-matching approach will be enriched with linguistic processing based on robust parsing and the use of lexical resources. For this task, it is useful to take into account the open-ended character of many expressions of affect or emotions. In fact, the presence of open-ended language  may be used as a window to enter the language of emotions, so an important part of the approach is concerned on how emotion is conveyed by open-ended forms of language. Finally, a system evaluation is offered. The low results, in line with other evaluations (SemEval07 Affective task), underlie the difficulty of the task.