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Carlos Bento: Ubiquitous Computing

jueves 17 - viernes 18 de abril de 2008


Lugar de celebración 

Aula B302, Edificio B
Universidad Europea de Madrid
c/ Tajo, s/n
28670 Villaviciosa de Odón, Madrid

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Curso I: Ubiquitous Computing
In this course we give an overview and characterization of the area of Ubiquitous Computing. We stress three main aspects of Ubiquitous Computing –the marriage between computational and physical spaces; computers as human proxies; and autonomy and proactivity– and illustrate them with video clips on successful demonstrations developed at various laboratories.

Then we go for a more detailed study on components and issues resent on many Ubiquitous System like context awareness, multi-sensor data fusion and security and privacy. We finish the presentation with some conclusions and links to the course on Ubiquitous Computing for Urban Space and Intelligent Transport Systems.


Curso II: Ubiquitous Computing for Urban Space and Intelligent Transport Systems
In this course we focus on two practical and important applications for Ubiquitous Computing: urban spaces and intelligent transport systems. We start with studies on the places where people spend their time, making these spaces interesting for Ubiquitous Computing and give a short introduction to the main concepts related with urban spaces and intelligent transport systems.

We illustrate the applications of Ubiquitous Computing in these areas with two platforms: WikiCity from Senseable City MIT Lab; YouTrace from the AmI Lab at the University of Coimbra.

At the end of the course we propose topics for individual work on very simple, but illustrative, applications of Ubiquitous Computing for Urban Spaces and Intelligent Transport Systems.



Jueves 17 de abril 10h30-13h30 

Viernes 18 de abril 10h30-13h30